Why you shall join the Becoming Visible 5 Saturdays Challenge

  • Only 2 hours per Saturday at the comfort of your own home.
  • No pitch at the end.
  • Live hot seat opportunity.
  • Work through multiple live exercises.
  • Skills and Software Demo.
  • Peels back the curtains.
  • No holding back.
  • Live time feedback and feel free to ask question.
  • Beautiful workbook downloadable.
  • Optional: get access to full recordings permanently.

What the 5 Saturdays Challenge will be able to deliver:

Reclaim Your Personal Power – Free from Disempowerment

  • Explore Emotion Attachment to Disempowering Words
  • Experience NLP Visualization Exercise to Release Emotions
  • Remove Limiting Beliefs & Work Towards Possibilities
  • Enable Yourself to Feel Positive Emotions
  • Learn to Forgive Your Offenders & Yourself

Discover Your Unique Message for the World – Put Yourself Own Virtual Stages

  • Explore Your Passion, Talents, & Visions
  • Niche Down & Create Problem Statement
  • Understand Your Ideal Customer Avatar
  • Explore Possible Solution for Your Audience's Problem
  • Extract Your Knowledge into a Business Blueprint
  • Explore Different Type of Funnels
  • How to Setup & Launch Your Program
  • How to Gain Visibility with Content Publishing
  • Getting Your First Virtual Stage
  • Bonus: How to Get on Other People Stages

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